Fiery XF 7.1

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Finishing options

Command WorkStation can help you trim your media accurately by printing crop marks, Fotoba marks, or grommet marks. Command WorkStation can also extract cut contours and output directly to an i-cut cutter, a Zünd Cut Center, or any supported print-and-cut plotter, built-in cutter, or auxiliary cutter.

You require the following options to process certain types of crop marks and cut marks:

  • Production option—Required for Fotoba and grommet marks.

  • Cut Marks option—Required for i-cut marks (levels 1 to 5), and EuroSystems OptiSCOUT Design 7 (for SUMMA F series). Also required to set up a connection to a Zünd Cut Center. The Zünd Cut Center can save more than one cut path per job.

  • Cut Server option—Required to support a wide range of additional cutters and routing tables that are not supported directly in Command WorkStation.

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