Fiery XF 7.1

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Multicolor source profiles

Command WorkStation can implement custom multicolor profiles for five, six, or seven colors.

Command WorkStation analyzes the color space of each incoming PostScript and TIFF job and applies the selected CMYK or multicolor source profile, based on the number of detected colors. Although Command WorkStation can process multicolor PostScript and TIFF jobs, it is recommended that you use PostScript format, whenever possible.

Command WorkStation processes PostScript and TIFF jobs differently.

  • PostScript jobs

    You can apply a multicolor source profile if the job and the profile were created for the same ink channels. If a job contains ink channels that are missing from the source profile, Command WorkStation treats those colors as spot colors.

    The following table shows how Command WorkStation applies a multicolor source profile to PostScript jobs:

    Color space of job Selected multicolor source profile Applied source profile
    CMYK None CMYK

    Define B as a spot color.


    Define RGB as spot colors.

  • TIFF jobs

    Command WorkStation reads the color information from the file header, if available. In this case, Command WorkStation applies the source profiles as it does for PostScript jobs.

    If Command WorkStation cannot read the color information from the file header, only the number of color channels is important, not the colors themselves. To process a job with seven ink channels, you can use any multicolor source profile with seven colors. Command WorkStation always processes the job using the colors of the multicolor profile.

You can override the default setting and force Command WorkStation to apply a CMYK or multicolor source profile.