Fiery XF 7.1

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Job Center

Job Center displays all connected Fiery servers and print jobs in one single location. It allows you to prepare jobs for print, displays a job preview and a summary of job settings, and also includes a search tool.

Note: If you have just connected to your first Fiery XF server, you must start by configuring your printer. For more information, see the Quick Start Guide.
Job Center includes the following areas:
  • Sidebar: displays button navigation for the following screens (from the top, below the Fiery logo): Home, Job Center (this window), and Apps and Resources.
  • Servers: displays a list of connected servers, printers, and job queues. Click the Add (+) button to connect to additional Fiery servers. Click Server > Server Manager to configure printers, workflow and media, and add users.
  • Job status: gives an overview of jobs that are currently being processed or printed.
  • Search, Views and Filters: quickly locates jobs by any criteria displayed in the job columns. The advanced search finds jobs based on multiple criteria. You can save custom search filters, and change the window view to display thumbnail images of your jobs.
  • Job list: displays all jobs for the selected queue, custom view, or filter. Right-click a column heading to customize the displayed job information. Right-click a job to access commands for job printing, or management, or to view details of ink and media consumption. Double-click a job to open Job Editor and make job settings.
  • Job Preview: displays the job content (thumbnail) of a selected job. The preview shows the input content only and is not updated if you make color management or layout changes in Job Editor.
  • Job Summary: provides details of a selected job. Click the pencil icon to edit the number of copies.
  • Media Configuration: Displays the settings of the selected media. You can apply a different media to a selected job by clicking Edit. This setting can be very useful—for example, if you want to switch to a different output resolution at the last minute.