Fiery XF 7.1

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Tidy up job files

Command WorkStation creates different types of files during job processing. Some files remain in the server program folders indefinitely after job completion, so that an excessive volume of data can build up over time. You can delete files when they are no longer needed.

File type Description
Source files For every job that you load in your Fiery software product, a source file is created in the Server\JobFolder folder. Deleting the source files does not remove the jobs themselves from the job list.
Output files An output file (print file) is created in the Server\Output folder when you send a job to the printer.
Preview files If the preview function is turned on, a preview file is created in the Server\Preview folder.
Temporary files Various temporary files are created in the Server\Temp folder.
Spot color tables A spot color table is created in the Server\Profiles\Spotcolor folder when you define a spot color. Every time you save changes, a new spot color is created with a consecutive number added to its name.
Note: You cannot delete spot color tables that are currently in use.
Job list You can delete all jobs from the job list. However, you cannot delete the job list if jobs are currently being processed.
Log files Log files are created in the Server\Log folder. They provide a record of all Command WorkStation processes. Log files can assist EFI Support with problem solving.