Fiery XF 7.1

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Set up an EFI Wide Format printer in Command WorkStation

You must set up a connection to the printer's IP address.

Before you begin, make sure that Command WorkStation is logged on to a Fiery XF server and the printer is switched on.
  1. In Server Manager, add a new printer and configure it for network printing. Do one of the following:
    • If the Fiery XF server is installed on the printer computer: Under Connection type , select Print via IP network , and type
    • If the Fiery XF server is installed on a different computer: Under Connection type, select Print via IP network, and type the IP address of the printer computer.

      Make sure that you have a gigabit Ethernet connection as the average data transfer rate can reach 15 MB/s.

  2. Under Port, select the RAW protocol and print to port 9100.

    If the Fiery XF server is installed on a different computer, Firewalls, or any other Internet security software, must allow data transfer via port 9100 (outgoing on the Fiery XF server computer, incoming on the printer computer). In Windows 7 and later, the network must be classified as a home or office network on both computers. Do not select a public network because the Microsoft default security setting blocks communication with port 9100.

  3. Under Speed, clear RIP and print on the fly.

    RIP and print on the fly causes Command WorkStation to process and print jobs simultaneously. In this case, jobs by-pass the Print Control utility, and there is an additional risk of the printer stalling.