Fiery XF 7.1

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Visual aids

Visual aids are available in Job Editor to help with job alignment on the sheet.

Visual aids are visible only in the preview window. They are not printed with the job. The following visual aids are available:

  • Rulers—Displays rulers along the top and left edges of the preview.

  • Guides—Are non-printable lines. You can activate snapping for guides and lock them at their current position.

  • Grid—Displays horizontal and vertical lines that do not print. The grid spacing is fixed, but adapts automatically according to the selected zoom factor. Activating snapping causes nearby jobs to snap to the grid.

  • Marks—Hides crop marks or cut marks. The job's position on the sheet does not change.

  • Page frame—Displays a black border around each job. This helps you to see whether a job has white space around it that is overlapping other jobs in a nesting.

  • Overlaps—Display jobs that are overlapping the sheet border or overlapping other jobs. Overlapping jobs appear with a red border.

  • Sheet margins—Displays the non-printable margins as defined by the printer's firmware. By ensuring that jobs are within the non-printable margins, you can avoid unwanted cropping in the printout.

Change the unit of measurement

You can temporarily change the unit of measurement displayed in Job Editor. When you close the window, Job Editor goes back to the unit of measurement that is selected for Command WorkStation.

Do one of the following:
  • Click Edit > Measurement Unit, and click an item.

  • Right-click anywhere on the ruler, and click an item.

Zoom in

Increasing the size of a previewed job can help you make more accurate changes.

Each time you zoom in, the size of the preview increases by 100%.

Do one of the following:
  • On the toolbar, select the Zoom Job tool, and click the area of the job that you want to enlarge.

  • Click View > Zoom in.

  • On the lower toolbar, type a zoom factor in the edit box, or move the slide bar. These zoom settings scale the job preview in relation to the preview window.

Turn on snapping

You can give some visual aids a magnetic property, which causes jobs in their proximity to snap to them. You can turn snapping on or off for grids or guides. In nestings, you can also make objects snap to each other.

Click View > Snap to, and then click an item.

Set ruler coordinates

By default, the ruler’s 0, 0 coordinates are located at the upper left corner of the sheet. You can move the 0, 0 coordinates—for example, to the corner of a job.

Drag the pointer from the top left corner of the ruler area to the required position.

You can reset the 0, 0 coordinates by double-clicking the ruler intersection area.

Work with guides

Guides are non-printable lines that help you to position jobs at exact coordinates on the sheet. You can lock guides at their current position.

Do any of the following:
  • Create a guide: Drag the pointer from the horizontal or vertical ruler.

  • Move a guide: Drag the guide to a new position.

  • Remove a guide: Drag horizontal guides to the horizontal ruler and vertical guides to the vertical ruler.

Show visual aids

You can show or hide visual aids in the preview window.

Click View > Visual Aids, and then click an item.