Fiery XF 7.1

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Bidirectional communication with EFI printers

Bidirectional communication in Command WorkStation enables the printer to submit ink details (volume of ink per color), media details (consumption/wastage), and printing time for each job. You need one output license for each physical printer.

You can set up the following EFI printers for bidirectional communication:

Command WorkStation saves processed jobs to the following default folders:
  • IP printing: C:\ProgramData\EFI\EFI XF\JDF\UploadFiles
  • Print to file: C:\ProgramData\EFI\EFI XF\Server\Export

The printer retrieves them from this folder. You can change the file path setting, if required.

EFI provides printer supplements with detailed information on setting specific printer settings in Command WorkStation. For more information, see