Fiery XF 7.1

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JDF jobs in Command WorkStation

EFI JDF Connector runs as a service on the same computer as the Fiery XF server. It starts up automatically whenever you start the Fiery XF server. If the server is not running, the bidirectional connection is interrupted.

Command WorkStation supports the following JDF/JMF file formats:
  • MIME package
  • JDF/JMF with content (URL)
  • JDF/JMF without content

How JDF jobs are loaded in Command WorkStation depends on how many content files are attached. Jobs with only one content file are loaded as single jobs. Jobs with either no content files or multiple content files are loaded as nestings.

Job names are retained. A JDF job submitted without a job name receives a default job name. You can rename it, if required.

The JDF Status column of the job list displays the following statuses:



Submitting The job is being transferred from Command WorkStation to the printer.
Submitted The job has been successfully transferred, and a job preview is being created.
Waiting The job preview has been created, and the job is in the print queue.
Printing The job is being printed.
Printed The job has finished printing.

If the column is not displayed in the job list, you can add it.