Fiery XF 7.1

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Cut contours

Command WorkStation can extract and process industry-standard cut contours created in known spot colors. Known spot colors are those from major spot color manufacturers or ones that you have previously defined in Command WorkStation.

Command WorkStation can process cut contours created in a separate layer in the graphics program. In the graphics program, you can save single or multiple cut contours in one layer. However, Command WorkStation cannot extract cut contours from layers that also contain other information.


Multiple transparencies in a job can slow down the RIPing speed. To avoid this, it is recommended that you flatten all transparency levels. In Illustrator, click Object > Flatten Transparency, and clear the check box for converting all strokes to outlines.

Command WorkStation supports the following industry-standard cut contours:

  • Regmark

  • Crease

  • Kiss Cut

  • Laser Cut

  • Pen Plot

  • Router Cut

  • Score

  • Through Cut

  • CutContour

  • Die line

Command WorkStation must handle all cut contours separately. The in-RIP separation feature ensures that you can export the cut contour as a separated file. If Command WorkStation cannot detect a cut contour, it processes the layer as if it were a spot color in a composite job.