Fiery XF 7.1

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Select and edit a spot color table for a loaded job

You can add additional spot colors to an existing spot color table, change spot color definitions, and tweak spot colors that alias an internal spot color.

Saving changes always creates a new spot color table that has the original name plus an incremental number. Therefore, you can easily revert to an earlier spot color table.
  1. In Job Editor: On the sidebar, click Color. On the Color tab, expand the Spot Colors panel.
  2. Under Spot color library, select a custom spot color table.
  3. Add an unknown spot color, or edit an existing spot color definition. The spot colors of spot color manufacturers are defined in the device-independent L*a*b* color space and saved as a name that cannot be edited—for example, PANTONE YELLOW C, or TOYO 0008. You can adjust the color values by selecting Inkjet in the Source column of the table, which converts the spot color to editable values in your printer's color space.
Now watch the video here.