Fiery XF 7.1

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Start Verifier and select the measuring device

You can use Verifier as a stand-alone tool to verify color consistency between two prints, to verify a proof or print against a simulation profile or characterization data, to verify any house standard, or to measure single color patches.

Before you begin, connect your measuring device to the computer.

  1. In Job Center, in the toolbar, click Verifier.
  2. Click Preferences, and click the General tab.
  3. Under Measuring device, make sure that your measuring device is selected.

    Device-specific settings are available for some measuring devices. For example, you can select a measurement condition (M0, M1 or M2), or specify that you want to measure single color patches.

    ES-1000 measuring device only: To measure a control bar, as opposed to single color patches, select the direction of measurement. This setting ensures that the color patches are measured in accordance with the movement of the measuring device over the control bar.

  4. Under User interface, select a beep tone (optional).

    By default, Verifier uses the beep tone from the measuring device. If you select the check box, the beep tone from the operating system is used instead.

Now watch the video here.