Fiery XF 7.1

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Fiery Command WorkStation overview

Fiery Command WorkStation is the print job management user interface for Fiery servers.

The user interface is specially tailored to the type of Fiery server you connect to. Each flavor of Command WorkStation provides access to a certain set of features. This documentation describes how to use Command WorkStation if you are connected to a Fiery XF server.

With Command WorkStation, you can connect to multiple Fiery servers and manage jobs from a single location.

You can use Command WorkStation to do tasks associated with production and proofing, such as:

  • Scale, rotate, flip jobs
  • Print multiple jobs collectively as a nesting
  • Print oversize jobs as tiles for piecing together
  • Manage spot colors
  • Verify the color accuracy of your printouts

Command WorkStation has some optional features. All are documented in this user documentation. However, optional features are only displayed in Command WorkStation if you have an appropriate license.

Furthermore, EFI provides many other types of documentation which you can download to help you get the maximum out of your software.

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