Fiery XF 7.1

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Job Editor

In Job Editor, you can override any default setting from the workflow, including color management, scaling, cropping, print settings, job rotatation, and job realignment.

You can open Job Editor by double-clicking a job in Job Center.

  • Sidebar: displays button navigation for the following tabs: File, Layout, Finishing, Color, Printer, Verify. Each tab is divided into panels, which you can expand to show the content, or collapse to hide the content.
  • Panels: display job settings. Some panels have a check box in the panel header bar, which you must select to make the settings available.
  • Preview window: Displays the work area for job editing.
  • Toolbar: contains tools and settings for editing a selected job, nesting, step and repeat, or tiling.
  • Scrollbar: allows you to scroll a page at a time through multipage jobs.
  • Zoom: scales the job preview in relation to the preview window.

Now watch the video here.