Fiery XF 7.1

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Reggiani folders

Reggiani printers share a “Reggiani” folder. A local “Reggiani” folder is all that is needed for simulation purposes. The Reggiani folder can have any name.

The “Reggiani” folder requires three subfolders:

  • jobs_to_prepare

    This folder is the output folder for the print files. The driver automatically creates a “jobs_to_prepare” subfolder during job processing if it is not already there.

  • print_parameters

    This folder contains a configuration.ini file with the printer configuration for each printer, a list of print parameters, and the available inks. You must be able to access this folder to use the printer in Command WorkStation.

    You can check that the files in the print-parameters folder have been correctly created by opening the configuration.ini file in a text editor. Make sure that the last line in the file lists the names and the order of inks that you selected when you configured the printer.

  • Logs

    This folder contains printer log files. Each log file is generated monthly by the printer and contains information about the printer and the prints, including ink and media consumption.

You must set up a connection to the file server (Reggiani PC) on the Reggiani printer. The Regginai PC runs all the time, even if the printer is powered off.

To access the file server and the Reggiani folder, you need read/write access. Reggiani’s default credentials are:
  • User name: UTENTE
  • Password: Reggiani123456
The Reggiani folder resides at the following addresses:
  • Local: C:\REGGIANI
  • Network: \\machine_ip\Reggiani