Fiery XF 7.1

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Configure the Jetrion printer

On the Jetrion computer, you must map a network drive to the shared Export folder that you created in Command WorkStation.

  1. Start Computer, and select Map network drive. The Map Network Drive window opens.
  2. Under Drive, select a network drive on the Jetrion computer.
  3. Under Folder, type the IP address of the Fiery XF server and the name of the shared folder, using the following syntax: \\IPaddress\foldername.
  4. Select Reconnect at logon and Connect using different credentials.
  5. Click Finish. The Windows Security window opens.
  6. Type the user name and password used to log on to the Fiery XF server.

    For the user name, use the syntax ComputerName\Fiery. The default password is Fiery.1.

  7. Click OK.
The shared folder is displayed in the Network Location section of Computer.