Fiery XF 7.1

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Learning materials

EFI provides many different types of learning materials in the form of videos and documentation to help you get the maximum out of your software.

  • Videos

    EFI provides an extensive set of instructional and how-to videos designed to equip you with all the information that you will need to successfully operate your system. The courses start with the fundamentals and progress all the way through to expert topics. You will find direct links to many videos throughout this online help. Furthermore, a full list of all the available videos can be found at You can use the Search feature to find videos on any chosen topic.

  • Documentation

    The following types of documents are available for download from the EFI website:

    • User documents (Quick Start Guide, user manual, how-to articles on specific software features)
    • Technical documents (release notes, system requirements, feature charts, etc.)
    • Knowledge base (general how-to articles on color management, software options, workflows)
    • Printer driver descriptions