Fiery XF 7.1

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Start Color Tools

You can use Color Tools to create calibration files, optimize existing media profiles and to integrate third-party media profiles.

Many of the tools require you to print out and measure color charts, so make sure that you have a measuring device (spectrophotometer) available. The measuring devices of many different manufacturers, including embedded measuring devices, are supported.

By default, charts are imported into Job Center as "hold" jobs, which means you must start the print process manually. To print charts automatically on import, clear the workflow setting Put all incoming jobs on hold on the Job Detection panel.
Do one of the following:
  • In Job Center: In the toolbar, click Color Tools to open the Color Tools start screen. Click a button to start the required tool.
  • In Server Manager: On the Printer tab, select the printer's media profile. On the Media tab, expand the Media Configuration pane, and click New Calibration and Profile, or Re-Calibration to start the appropriate tool.
Each tool has a context-senstive help system to guide you through the necessary steps. Click the Help button in the bottom left-hand corner of each window.