Fiery XF 7.1

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Print a swatch book

You can print out swatch books to demonstrate how different print conditions affect color reproduction.

You can use swatch books to see:

  • what colors will print like before going into production
  • how colors could be enhanced by switching to a different printer, ink set, or media
  1. In Color Editor: Select one or more spot colors.

    To select spot colors from multiple spot color libraries, drag the spot colors from the internal spot color libraries to the custom spot color section.

  2. On the lower toolbar, click Print swatch book.
  3. Select a printer.
  4. Select a media.
  5. Select a rendering intent.
  6. Select a patch size.
  7. Select a page size.
  8. Click Print.
The job appears as a multi-page PDF in Job Center. You can create a nesting from the job to print the swatch book in a space-saving manner. In the printout, the spot color name, and the CMYK color values are printed under each color patch.

Now watch the video here.