Fiery XF 7.1

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Connect or edit a calibration file in Profile Connector

To use a media profile (output profile) or device link profile in Command WorkStation, you must connect it to a calibration file.

  1. Under Calibration, click Select and browse to the calibration file.
  2. Under Media name, type the name of the media. This is the name that will appear in Command WorkStation. It is recommended that you type a new media name. If you use an existing media name, the media profile will have more than one calibration file connected to it, and you will have to select which one to apply in Command WorkStation.
  3. Do any of the following (optional):
    • Under Media feed adjustment, enter an actual media length and a target media length.

      You can correct any inconsistency in the output length of jobs. Inconsistencies can occur as a result of a particular combination of printer and media.

    • Select Print unidirectional.

      Unidirectional printing achieves more accurate results than unidirectional printing, but is slower.

  4. Under Connect to profiles, select the media or device link profile. Do one or both of the following:
    • Select Media profile ICC, click Select, and browse to the media profile.

    • Select Device Link, click Select, and browse to the device link profile.

  5. Click OK.
The calibration file is saved to the C:\ProgramData\EFI\EFI Media Profiles folder.
You can now select the calibration file or device link profile in Command WorkStation.