Fiery XF 7.1

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Set up a Matan printer in Command WorkStation

You must set up the printer to print to file. Print files can be saved to a remote shared folder or to a local folder.

Before you begin, make sure that Command WorkStation is logged on to a Fiery XF server.

To connect to a remote shared folder using the UNC (Universal Naming Convention), you must enter your user credentials (user name and password). You also require write permissions to the remote folder. If necessary, you can add a domain to the user name, using the format <domain>\<username>. The password may be optional for user accounts that do not require it on the remote computer.

To connect to a local folder, type the path to the folder. You do not need to enter user credentials to connect to a local folder.

In Server Manager, set up the Matan printer to print to file:
  • Under Connection type, select File output.
  • Under Export path, type the path to the folder in which you want your print files to be created.

    The Export folder can be a local folder or a network shared folder on a remote computer. The Matan front-end computer may have a shared network folder that you can specify in Command WorkStation for direct output, using the format //IP_Address/FolderName.

  • Under Database server, type the IP address of the remote database computer, and click Test to confirm that Command WorkStation has established a connection to the database server.