Fiery XF 7.1

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Scale a job

You can scale jobs by a percentage, by typing new dimensions, or by dragging. You can also scale jobs to the media width or height.

Jobs that do not fit on the media are indicated by a red border. To print oversize jobs, you must either scale them down, or print them as tilings.

By default, scaled jobs retain their original proportions. You can deactivate proportional scaling by clicking the Scale Proportionally button in the toolbar.

  1. On the toolbar, select the Transform Job tool.
  2. Do one of the following:
    • Scale freely: Rest the pointer on a corner of the job. The pointer changes into a double-headed arrow. Drag the job to the required size.

    • Scale by entering dimensions: In the toolbar, under Scale, type a width and height.

    • Scale by a percentage: In the toolbar, under Scale, click the % button, and type a percentage in the width or height box.

    • Scale nested jobs uniformly: On the sidebar, click Layout, and open the Nesting panel. Then, select Uniform scaling, type a width and height, and click Apply.

    • Scale to media size: Right-click the job, click Scale, click Fit to, and click an item. You can scale a job to the sheet width, the sheet height (not available for roll media), or to the page size. When you scale to page size, the job is scaled to the printable width or height of the media, whichever is reached first.

    You can return a job to its original size by right-clicking the job, and then clicking Reset Page.