Fiery XF 7.1

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Tolerance presets

Command WorkStation provides predefined tolerance presets for proof production (verification based on an ISO 12647-7 or 12647-8-compliant media wedge) and for certification purposes (such as FograCert).

You can measure dT tolerances for the primary colors only. Verifier cannot calculate dT values for colors that are composed of a mixture of CMYK.

Reference profile

Characterization data

ISO 12647-7 Contract Proof “Media Wedge”

ISO/DIS-12647-7:2016 Contract Proof “Media Wedge”

ISO 12647-7 (contract proofing)

PSO_Coated_v3 (Offset)

PSO_Uncoated_v3_FOGRA52 (Offset)

PSO_Coated_v3 (Offset) Verify

PSO_Uncoated_v3_FOGRA52 (Offset) Verify

ISO 12647-7 (contract proofing)

For use with media with optical brightners

ISO 12647-8 Validation Print “Media Wedge” CD2

ISO 12647-8 (FograCert validation print certification)

G7-ISO12647-7 Contract Proof

G7-compliant verification of proof jobs

Dynamic wedge

Verification of a job’s key colors, including spot colors

Fogra PSD Side-by-Side (ISO/TS 15311)

Fogra PSD 2016 Side-by-Side

Fogra PSD Spot Colors (ISO/TS 15311)

Fogra PSD 2016 Spot Colors

Fogra PSD Media-Relative (ISO/TS 15311)

Fogra PSD 2016 Media-Relative

Verification of Process Standard Digital compliance level (A, B or C) to do a print check for each printout in daily production.@Fogra PDS Spot Colors (ISO/TS 15311) and Fogra PDS 2016 Spot Colors are available only for the dynamic wedge.

G7 Grayscale Compliance

G7-grayscale-compliant output

Japan Color Contract Proof

Japan Color-compliant (contract proofing)

Softproofing (FograCert Softproof)

Softproof verification (on-screen)