Fiery XF 7.1

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Create tiles with an overlap

An overlap margin repeats a strip of the image along two edges of adjacent tiles. It helps you piece tiles together more accurately and also ensures that no white gaps appear at the join if there is a slight misalignment.

Before you begin: Create a basic tiling.

  1. Do one of the following:
    • In Server Manager: On the Tiling panel, click Overlap/Glue.
    • In Job Editor: On the toolbar, click Overlap/Glue.
  2. Under Overlapping, type a top, bottom, left, or right margin width.

    You can apply identical margins to all four sides by clicking the appropriate button, and defining a top margin only.

  3. Set up overlapping marks (optional).

    Overlapping marks provide an additional alignment aid. They are activated automatically when you define an overlapping margin. You can specify the length, the thickness, and the color.

    Standard marks are printed at each end of the overlap area, whereas the dashed line is printed along the length of the overlap area. The dashed line is recommended for large overlap areas, which would otherwise be difficult to align using standard marks that are too far apart.

    If you do not want to print overlapping marks, you can omit them from the printout by setting the line thickness and length to 0.

  4. Click OK.
Now watch the video here.