Fiery XF 7.1

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Color Editor buttons

The buttons in the lower toolbar are concerned with creating and editing custom spot colors.

  • Add (+) button—Adds a new spot color.
  • Subtract (-) button—Deletes a selected spot color.
  • Duplicate button—Creates a copy of a selected spot color. You can duplicate custom spot colors or spot colors from the internal spot color library.
  • Select all button—Selects all the custom spot colors in the table. You can duplicate or delete a multiple selection.
  • Gamut check button—Checks how accurately Command WorkStation can reproduce L*a*b* spot colors using the selected profiles. You can also check if L*a*b* spot colors lie within the color gamut of your printer.
  • Convert button—Converts the selected L*a*b* spot colors to the color space of the printer. It is easier to edit spot colors that are defined in the ink colors of the printer.
  • Optimize button—Creates a spot color optimization file to reduce dE values.
  • Print swatch book button—Demonstrates how different print conditions affect color reproduction.