Fiery XF 7.1

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Measurement and Display tab

You can select a measuring device, and make settings related to light conditions and monitor profiles.

  • Measurement device settings—You can use an ES-1000 or ES-2000 measuring device to define a 100% colorant and gradients, or to measure the white point of a media.

  • Light conditions—Define how spectrophotometric values are converted to L*a*b*.

    • Select a light (illuminant) source: D-50 (horizon light), D-65 (artificial daylight at noon) and C (daylight).

    • Select an observer angle: Two degrees is the default setting, but the larger viewing angle of ten degrees is sometimes used in the packaging or textile industry.

  • Monitor profile—You can select a monitor profile that is provided with the operating system, or a custom monitor profile.