Fiery XF 7.1

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EFI Jetrion printers

To enable bidirectional communication, you must set up the printer in Command WorkStation. Then, at the printer computer, you must map a network drive to the Export folder where your print jobs will be saved, and edit the FieryXFConfig.xml file.

The Fiery XF server computer and the Jetrion computer must be on the same network and in the same workgroup.

The printer must have an appropriate software version installed. The following minimum printer software versions are required:

Printer Printer software version
Jetrion 4900LX (+ White) 3.7.2 or greater
Jetrion 4950LX (+ White) 3.7.2 or greater
Jetrion 4900-330 3.8.2 or greater
Jetrion 4900M 3.8.2 or greater