Fiery XF 7.1

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Set up an EFI VUTEk printer in Command WorkStation

You must set up a connection to the printer's IP address.

Before you begin, make sure that Command WorkStation is logged on to a Fiery XF server and the printer is switched on.
In Server Manager, add a new printer and configure it for network printing. Observe the following:
  1. Under Connection type, select Print via IP network, type the printer’s IP address, and click Connect.

    When jobs are printed via the IP address, the VUTEk printer software does not need to scan the complete RTL file. Instead, it reads the GIF preview, which accelerates the process noticeably.

    You must click Connect. When you click Connect, Command WorkStation retrieves the version number of the VUTEk integration from the printer. If Command WorkStation does not have this information, you cannot print.

    If you cannot establish a connection to the printer, make sure that the EFI JDF Connector Service is running on the Fiery XF server computer.

  2. Under Port, select the type of TCP/IP protocol that your printer uses for data transfer.

    VUTEk printers communicate through port 8013.