Fiery XF 7.1

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Log on to multiple Fiery servers

After you have logged on to your first Fiery XF server, you can manage jobs anywhere in your network, by connecting to other compatible Fiery servers.

All Fiery servers to which you are connected are listed in Job Center. You can switch easily between them to manage your jobs and printers.

  1. In Job Center: Next to Servers, click the Add (+) button.
  2. Select any Fiery server from the list, or type a server name or IP address. Then, click Add.

    The Model column indicates that you are connecting to a Fiery XF inkjet server. Cut-sheet servers and high-speed inkjet servers are shown as different models.

    Alternatively, click Advanced Search to search for a Fiery XF server within a specific IP address range, within a specific subnet range, or to search for a keyword. Limit the search range of IP addresses as far as possible to avoid unnecessary network traffic.

  3. Select your user name, and type your password. Then, click Login.