Fiery XF 7.1

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Page box definitions

Command WorkStation defines PDF page size by the media box, bleed box, trim box, crop box, and art box. For PostScript jobs, Command WorkStation can retrieve and process bounding box information.

A PDF can have up to five different descriptions relating to page size:

  • Media box—Prints PDF jobs with in-RIP separations as separated files (CMYK, plus spot colors). Jobs with no in-RIP information are simply printed composite (CMYK).

  • Bleed box—Defines the area to which the contents of the page must be clipped when output in a production environment.

  • Trim box—Defines the intended dimensions of the finished page after trimming. Imposition applications use this type of box for arranging the order of pages.

  • Crop box—Defines the area to which page contents must be clipped when displayed or printed.

  • Art box—Defines an area on a page that is of special interest.

For PostScript jobs, the bounding box information is not always exact, due to rounding up or down errors that can occur when printing from some graphics programs. Such inaccuracies can result in image distortion in the printout. Command WorkStation can ignore the page size information of such jobs and calculate the page size internally.