Fiery XF 7.1

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Set how Command WorkStation processes in-RIP information

You can output in-RIP information as separated files, or convert in-RIP information to the color space of the output device and print it as a composite job.

  1. Do one of the following:
    • In Server Manager: On the sidebar, click Printers, and select a printer. In the printer's tree view, select a workflow. On the File tab, expand the PS/EPS/PDF panel.

    • In Job Editor: On the File tab, expand the PS/EPS/PDF panel.

  2. Under In-RIP separation, select an item.
    • Enable—Prints PDF jobs with in-RIP separations as separated files (C, M, Y, K, plus spot colors). Jobs with no in-RIP information are printed composite (CMYK).

    • Disable—Ignores in-RIP information. PDF jobs are printed composite (CMYK). Pre-separated files are always printed separated, even though they do not contain in-RIP information.

    • Force—Applies in-RIP information to PostScript level 3 and PostScript level 2 jobs, as well as to PDFs created with older versions of Adobe Acrobat.

  3. Click Save.