Fiery XF 7.1

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Import jobs directly into Job Center

You can import individual jobs, or you can select multiple jobs and import them as a nesting.

  1. In Job Center, in the toolbar, click Import.
  2. Browse to your job, and click Open.

    The Import Files dialog box opens.

  3. Click the Add (+) button to import more than one job (optional).

    If you import multiple jobs, you can sort the order in which they are listed, by selecting a job and then clicking the up/down arrows.

  4. Select a printer.
  5. Select a workflow.
    • Apply default workflow—Processes jobs using the settings of the workflow and media that are set to be used by default.

    • Apply server workflow—Allows you to select any of the printer's available workflows or media.

  6. Select Nest all jobs (optional).

    This setting imports all the listed jobs as a nesting. Alternatively, you can create a nesting later in Job Center from individually imported jobs.

  7. Select an import method.
    • Hold—Allows you to edit held jobs before printing. Imported jobs receive the status "Spooled".
    • Process and Hold—Processes jobs on import, but does not print them. Imported jobs receive the status "Processed". You can start printing manually.
    • Print—Imports, processes, and prints jobs automatically. Imported jobs receive the status "Printed". If you need to edit jobs, you must cancel job processing first.
Jobs are imported into Command WorkStation and listed in Job Center.