Fiery XF 7.1

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Check the start point for norm inks and select a TVI setting

In the advanced settings, you can adjust the relationship of light to norm inks, and select a tone value increase (TVI).

Normally, the default values achieve good results, as Color Tools applies a special algorithm. Change the default values only if absolutely necessary.

  1. Check the start point for normal inks.

    The best start point for normal inks depends on the combination of media, ink, and resolution.

    For newsprint, keep the percentage of light ink to a minimum to prevent too much ink from being applied to the media. However, be aware that using too little light ink can lead to a grainy effect in the printout, as the printer prints heavy dots in highlight areas.

    When printing on photographic or proofing media, apply a higher proportion of light ink in order to create a smooth impression.

  2. Check the TVI.

    The TVI represents the difference between the tonal value (input data) and the corresponding tonal value on the printed page.

    In Europe the TVI is defined as being 40% input along the gradation curve. In the United States and the Pacific region, the TVI is defined at 50%.

  3. Click OK.