Fiery XF 7.1

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TIL chart configuration

The Chart configuration window is concerned with chart layout and patch size. You can make settings that are appropriate for your printer, media size, and measuring device.

  • Range start—Sets the TIL percentage for the first patch.

  • Range end—Sets the TIL percentage for the last patch.

  • Step size—Sets the incremental percentage of ink between patches.

  • Patch size—Provides multiple patch sizes for selection.

  • Spacing between rows—Defines the gap between two adjacent rows.

  • All black combinations—Prints all overprint combinations with black ink. By default, only the upper section of the TIL chart prints overprints with black ink.

  • CMYK only—Ignores gamut-extending inks, such as Orange and Violet. Charts printed with gamut-extending inks contain more rows.

  • Bleeding mark—Defines the size of the bleed marks. Select None to print patches without bleed marks.

  • Hexagon—Defines the size of the hexagon within each patch. Select None to print uni-color patches.


If you know the approximate optimal TIL, you can achieve a more exact result by narrowing the range (240% to 340%) and setting smaller step sizes of 5%.