Fiery XF 7.1

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Crop a job

You can enhance the focal point of an image, by removing distracting background elements around it.

If the job has crop marks, Command WorkStation reapplies them to the smaller, newly cropped area.

  1. On the toolbar, select the Crop Job tool.
  2. In the preview, drag the pointer to select the section that you want to crop.

    You can cancel the selected cropped area by pressing ESC.

  3. Fine-tune the selected section (optional), by doing any of the following:
    • Reposition the crop box: Hold down ALT, and drag the pointer from the center of the crop box.

    • Resize the crop box: Drag the edge of the crop box.

    • Adjust the size of the cropped area: In the toolbar, type new values in the Scale boxes.

    • Adjust the margin widths between the edge of the job and the crop box: In the toolbar, type new values in the Margin (offset) boxes.

  4. Press ENTER.

    You can return a cropped job to its original state by clicking the Reset Crop button in the toolbar.