Fiery XF 7.1

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Specify the search priority of spot color names

If a spot color name exists multiple times, each with a different color definition, you can specify which one you want to use.

During job processing, Command WorkStation searches for each spot color definition in a specified search order and applies the first instance of each spot color it detects.

For example, if you redefined a spot color in the source file with your own CMYK color values, you can force Command WorkStation to use that spot color definition, by placing CMYK first in the search order. You can also remove spot color types from the search order altogether.

  1. Do one of the following:
    • In Server Manager: On the sidebar, click Printers, and select a printer. In the printer's tree view, select a workflow. On the Color tab, expand the Spot Colors panel.

    • In Job Editor: On the sidebar, click Color. On the Color tab, expand the Spot Colors panel.

  2. Under Search priority, select the order in which Command WorkStation looks for spot colors.

    Select None to remove that type of spot color definition from the search order altogether.

    Note: Selecting None for all four boxes deactivates the spot color search feature. Command WorkStation displays all spot colors as unknown, and job processing cannot continue.