Fiery XF 7.1

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Hot folders and virtual printers

Hot folders and virtual printers enable multiple users to print to Command WorkStation, even if they do not have Command WorkStation installed on their computer.

You can print jobs through a hot folder as follows:
  • You can copy jobs manually into a hot folder.
  • You can configure a virtual printer to make Fiery XF selectable in the print menu of the graphics program. Jobs sent through a virtual printer are imported into Command WorkStation through a hot folder.

Normally, each hot folder is configured to be monitored by just one workflow. Command WorkStation imports jobs from the hot folder and processes them according to the workflow settings. However, you can also configure a hot folder to be monitored by multiple workflows or printers, by applying load balancing. In this case, jobs in the hot folder are diverted automatically to the first idle workflow or printer that becomes available.

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