Fiery XF 7.1

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Fiery Server Control

You can use Fiery Server Control to control the Fiery server status, download and install software updates and media profiles, and license the software.

Fiery Server Control is pinned to the taskbar of the computer that is running the Fiery server. The icon displays a white arrow on a green background when the server is running, or a white box on a red background when it is not running.

When you right-click Fiery Server Control, the shortcut menu provides the following items:

  • Stop Fiery Server—Stops the Fiery server.

  • Restart Fiery Server—Restarts the Fiery server, which can accelerate some processes such as detecting new profiles.

  • Start Fiery Command WorkStation—Opens Command WorkStation at the Job Center program window.

  • Fiery Online Updater—Downloads and installs Fiery XF server updates.

  • Fiery Profiles Updater—Downloads and installs new or updated media profiles.

  • Manage Licenses—Activates new license files. Displays details of which licenses are currently installed and their expiration dates. Can also be used to deactivate a license on one computer and reactivate it on another computer.

  • Show Installed Updates—Displays installed updates with their install date.

  • Start Fiery Server Control with Windows—Starts Fiery Server Control on system start and displays it as an icon in the Windows taskbar.

  • Fiery Server Control—Opens the Fiery Server Control window, which provides direct access to all the shortcut menu items. Also provides quick access to Windows Services, and enables you to move profile and system folders from their default install location.

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