Fiery XF 7.1

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EFI Matan printers

To enable bidirectional communication, you must install and configure the PostgreSQL server, restore the Matan database, make certain settings at the printer, and set up the printer in Command WorkStation.

The printer must have an appropriate software version installed. The following minimum printer software versions are required:

Printer Printer software version
EFI Matan Matan FE 11.1
EFI Matan Quantum Matan FE 11.1
EFI Matan QuantumFlex Matan FE 11.1
VUTEk 3r/5r

VUTEk 3r+/5r+

Matan FE 11.1, latest PostgreSQL database (newer than October 2017)
EFI Pro 32r Matan FE 11.1