Fiery XF 7.1

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EFI Wide Format printers

To enable bidirectional communication, you must set up the printer in Command WorkStation. It is usual to install both the Fiery XF server and Command WorkStation on the printer computer.

The printer must have an appropriate software version installed. The following minimum printer software versions are required:

Printer Printer software version
EFI Pro 16h
EFI Pro 24f
EFI R3225
EFI H1625

EFI Wide Format printers are shipped with two print control applications: EFI_PrintControl64 and EFIPrintControl.exe.

The EFI_PrintControl64 application is displayed as an icon in the taskbar. Be aware that only EFI_PrintControl64.exe supports bidirectional communication with Command WorkStation.

If EFIPrintControl.exe is also installed, you can uninstall it. EFIPrintControl.exe does not support bidirectional communication. Alternatively, make sure that the application is not started.