Fiery XF 7.1

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Nest selected jobs

You can create a nesting from jobs that are already loaded in Job Center.

You can nest multiple copies of a job (clones) by selecting the number of print copies in the job summary area before you create the nesting.

  1. In Job Center: Select one or more jobs. In the toolbar, click New Nesting.
  2. Double-click the nesting to make job-specific settings to a nested job (optional).

    In Job Editor, you can scale, rotate, flip or crop nested jobs using the toolbar buttons. You can also align jobs in relation to each other, define margins, or lock a job in an exact position on the sheet by entering coordinates.


    Command WorkStation cannot process nestings that contain jobs that cause an error message—for example, jobs with unknown spot colors. You must resolve the problem, or remove the jobs from the nesting.

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