Fiery XF 7.1

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Check the color accuracy of L*a*b* spot colors

You can check how accurately Command WorkStation can reproduce L*a*b* spot colors using the selected profiles. After performing a gamut check, Color Editor displays the dE value of each spot color.

The color gamut describes the full range of colors that the printer can reproduce. During job processing, spot colors that are out of gamut are mapped to the nearest possible color within the available color gamut. The deviation in color is displayed as a dE value.

Color Editor applies a default dE value of 5.0, measured in the dE 2000 format. It effectively widens the color gamut by this value, by allowing spot colors that lie within this tolerance area to be accepted as "in gamut". You can change the acceptable dE value in the Preferences dialog box.

  1. In Color Editor: Select one or more L*a*b* spot colors.
  2. On the lower toolbar, click Gamut check.
  3. Select a printer.
  4. Select a media.

    If you have created a custom media, you can select it here. Otherwise, use the default media.

  5. Click Next.
  6. Click Finish.

The dE column shows if the spot color can be accurately reproduced. Green indicates “in gamut”. Red indicates “out of gamut”. Be aware that it is possible for a spot color to yield a dE that exceeds the defined tolerance limit for that color, but still be within the printer’s gamut.

If a spot color is out of gamut, you may be able to reduce the dE value. Try the following:
  • Switch to a different combination of printer and media. In this way, you can quickly find out which combination will produce the best results.

  • Create a spot color optimization file.

Now watch the video here.