Fiery XF 7.1

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ISO 12647-7-compliant proof

To achieve an ISO 12647-7-compliant proof, the verification job must contain a control bar, a job label, and certain IT8 characterization data. The dE and dH values of the measured control bar must be within the defined tolerances.

The following settings are recommended:

Select ...

Command WorkStation verify workflow: Go to ...

Verifier stand-alone: Go to ...

Ugra/Fogra media wedge (v2.2/v3.0) or any ISO 12647-7-compliant media wedge

Verify > Control Bar

Preferences > General

Fogra MKCheck10 or Fogra MKCheck 11

Verify > Verify Control Bar 1

Preferences > General


Verify > Verify Control Bar 1

Preferences > Comparison Settings

Job label/Report to include the following information:

  • Name of the proofing software

  • Ink

  • Media

  • Printing condition to be simulated

  • Color profiles used

  • Date and time of printout

Layout > Job Label > Edit

(Set up a job label for the workflow before starting the verification process.)

File > Print > Report

(Type in the applicable information.)