Fiery XF 7.1

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Print verification results

You can print out verification results as a screenshot of the Verifier program window, as a report, or as a label.

  • Screenshot—Prints an image of the current program window.

  • Report—Includes ISO-12647-7 and ISO-12647-8-compliant information. The report also displays CMYK gradation curve diagrams, depicting all reference and measured points along the curve.

  • Label—Includes all the criteria that is required to verify ISO 12647-7,12647-8, G7, or Fogra PSD Print Check compliance.

  1. Set up the printer.
    • In Windows: Click File > Select printer.

    • On Macintosh: Click Verifier > Page Setup.

  2. Click File > Print, and click an item.

    Before printing a report, or a label, you can enter and save job properties as a template for future jobs.