Fiery XF 7.1

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Configure Windows services

You can check the status of the Windows services used by Command WorkStation. You can also assign network access rights to the EFI XF Server service. Network access rights are required to print through a hot folder.

Command WorkStation uses the following Windows services:

  • EFI Fiery XF Debug Log
  • EFI JDF Connector Service
  • EFI XF Server

In addition, the following Windows services are used for license management:

  • EFI License Manager
  • EFI Option Feature Activation for Fiery XF
  1. In the taskbar: Click Fiery Server Control, and then click Configure Services.
  2. Do one of the following:
    • Make sure that the Windows services used by Command WorkStation are running. Start, stop, or restart a Windows service, if required.

    • Right-click EFI XF Server, and then click Properties to configure network access rights to the Fiery server.

      For more information, see the operating system's online help, or ask your system administrator.

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