Fiery XF 7.1

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Some printer models support FAST DRIVE. FAST DRIVE accelerates the job processing speed by using the GPU (graphics processing unit) instead of the CPU (central processing unit). It is available on some later versions of Fiery proServer Premium and requires a special license.

Command WorkStation provides both FAST DRIVE and non-FAST DRIVE printer drivers. If available, it is recommended that you always select a printer type with FAST DRIVE in its name. The older printer drivers are available to ensure compatibility and color consistency with calibration files created in earlier versions of Command WorkStation.

Command WorkStation reverts automatically to FAST RIP if:
  • You do not have an appropriate license
  • You select a calibration file that was created in Fiery XF 6.4 or earlier. FAST DRIVE is supported only for calibration files that were created in Fiery XF 6.5 or later.

In Job Editor, the Source File Information panel of the File tab shows you whether your job has been processed using FAST DRIVE or FAST RIP.