Variable Data Printing (FS350 and earlier)

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Overview of Variable Data Printing (FS350 and earlier)

Variable data printing (VDP) combines a set of master elements that are common across copies of a document with a set of variable elements that change from copy to copy.

VDP uses digital printing technology that links databases that contain the content for printed documents to a print device. The customized communication includes rules that specify the selection of content from the database and the placement of that content in the document.

This lets you create personalized communications, such as a brochure that greets customers by name and includes other personal information obtained from a database. Background elements, illustrations, and text blocks that do not change across copies of the brochure are master elements. The customer's name and other customer-specific information are variable elements.

In its simplest form, you can use VDP as a basic mail merge. However, you can also dynamically assemble images, charts, text, and other objects to create highly customized documents.

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