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Fiery Essential Driver for Windows

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Fiery Essential Driver for Windows

Fiery Essential Driver lets your applications communicate with your Fiery server and print documents.

When using Fiery Essential Driver, observe the following:

  • Fiery Essential Driver has default presets for most applications and printers. You can easily change a preset if you install a new printer option or want to set a specific feature.

  • Print options and their settings let you access the special features of your printer.

  • Some Fiery Essential Driver print options (document properties) are also available from your applications when you print a job.

  • In general, changing the Fiery Essential Driver print options from the Settings window or Devices and Printers folder changes the global settings that apply to all jobs printed using the selected printer. You may have to also select the same settings from the application, because application-specific settings may override the global settings. Print settings selected within the application are generally in effect for the current session while you have the application open.

    When you print from applications that have application-specific options for full-bleed and scaling, we recommend that you define these print option settings in the Fiery Essential Driver for most applications. For Adobe applications, if the full-bleed and scaling option settings are made in the Print window of the application and you do not set them in the Fiery Essential Driver to match the settings in the application, then it might change the output scaling and the printed image.

For information about specific Fiery Essential Driver print settings and print options, contact your printer administrator.