Fiery Color Profiler Suite Help

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Fiery Color Profiler Suite

Fiery Color Profiler Suite lets you create a color profile that is fully compliant with International Color Consortium (ICC) standards. It can also evaluate, edit, and test color profiles.

Fiery Color Profiler Suite usually comes with an EFI ES-2000 Spectrophotometer, which is a measurement instrument used to create profiles. Other measurement instruments are supported as well.

Fiery Color Profiler Suite offers a number of modules.

These modules help you create profiles and calibrate a Fiery server:

  • Fiery Express Profiler - Creates calibration sets and a profile for a Fiery-driven printer, and creates a virtual printer or a preset that lets you print with the new calibration and profile right away. This is the fastest way to profile a Fiery-driven printer if you can accept the default profile settings.

  • Calibrator - Creates a new calibration set for a Fiery-driven printer or updates an existing one.

  • Fiery Printer Profiler - Creates profiles for any RGB or CMYK printer. Create new calibration set and profiles for any Fiery-driven printer, and allows access to expert profile settings.

  • Fiery Monitor Profiler - Creates profiles for CRT and LCD monitors.

  • Device Linker - Creates device link profiles and optimizes device link profiles and spot colors.

  • Fiery Print Matcher - Creates a calibration set and profiles that match the color outputs of multiple Fiery-driven printers (each Fiery server must run System 10 software or later).

These modules help you evaluate profiles:

  • Fiery Profile Inspector - Displays three-dimensional models of RGB, CMYK, and Named Color ICC profiles in Lab color space, which lets you compare profiles.

  • Fiery Profile Editor - Lets you edit output profiles. You can make global changes to an output profile or select specific areas to edit.

  • Fiery Color Verifier - Lets you print and measure a patch page and compare the measured results to the expected results for a specific reference. Verifier can also compare any two sets of color values for quality control.

  • Fiery Auto Verifier - Lets you print color test pages automatically and measure the pages for quality control.

Fiery Color Profiler Suite also includes:

  • Fiery Color Verification Assistant, a utility for verifying a job’s color output. You can open Fiery Color Verification Assistant in Command WorkStation, when Fiery Color Profiler Suite and Command WorkStation are installed on the same computer.
  • FieryMeasure, a utility for printing and measuring patch pages. FieryMeasure can be used to measure color targets using any supported spectrophotometer even without a Fiery Color Profiler Suite license.
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